Linked List


In computer science, a linked list is a data structure consisting of a group of nodes which together represent a sequence.


The Node full fills two function. The first function is a mechanism of provide a piece of data to the node.For example integer value 1 0 in the below figure.


and the second function is to pointing to the next node.

How to create a Linked List using C#?

public class LinkedList

public static void ConstructLinkedList()
//Creating a first node and assign the value 1 to the firstnode
var firstNode = new Node {CurrentValue = 1};
var secondNode = new Node {CurrentValue = 2};
//Pointing the FirstNode to the SecondNode
firstNode.NextNode =secondNode;
//Creating the third node and assign a value to 3
var thirdNode = new Node {CurrentValue = 3};
//Pointing the second node to the third node
secondNode.NextNode = thirdNode;
//Display all the Linked List

public static void DisplayLinkedList(Node node)

//Looping through all the nodes and print the value in it
while (node!=null)
node = node.NextNode;

// This is a node which contain two properties , One for setting the current node and other is for setting the next node
public class Node
public int CurrentValue { get; set; }
public Node NextNode { get; set; }

Enjoy coding…..

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