Difference between WCF Data Services & ASP.NET WebApi OData

WCF Data Services

  • For this you don’t actually need WCF Knowledge.Coding WCF data services looks like coding normal WCF services. You no need to create service contract and implement those service contracts and configuration also.You just derive from a dataservice class in often running very quickly.
  • WCF Data Services is the most complete implementation of the latest OData specification  from Microsoft.
  • Great for exposing whole data stores with little intervening logic.So you really want to expose a pipeline to the web or to a network for people to come in and query your data store and possibly perform update against it.
  • Complicated to use with non-LINQ provider data
  • Not very extensible


  • New Addition to Web API stack
  • Gives you more control over underlying data sources,model definition and routing conventions.
  • Easier programming model for intervening business logic
  • Can support multiple models per site,mix non-OData with OData services
  • Very extensible

Enjoy reading..

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