dynamic keyword in CSharp

Many of us like static type checking in C# because compiler can find early. But static type checking does for strict the way of write some code .You have to have type definition and metadata available at compile time in order to get work done. Before C# 4.0 it is impossible to interact with the dynamic languages such as Ruby and Python . There are also difficult in some scenarios like to work with COM objects. Anyone who trying to interop from C# code to legacy code In COM often pain . Perhaps you have felt some issues while interacting with Microsoft Office COM components to automate Word or Excel. In C# 4.0 Microsoft introduces a new keyword called dynamic. A dynamic variable is a statically typed variable is a dynamic variable. When C# compiler see the dynamically typed variable it turns off compile time check. Any operation to perform on a dynamic object reference by that variable like calling a method , setting up a property all will resolve at runtime.
dynamic person=new Person();

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