Dispose Returned stream in WCF

In this below method I have returned a file stream for downloading it in client or browser. Before returning that stream i have keep that file in a temporary location.After return that stream i have to dispose it and delete that directory.

public Stream DownloadAttachment()
Stream stream = null;
var directoryInformation = CommonServices.Utility.DirectoryHelper.GetTempFolderRootLocation();
string newFolderPath = "C:\\Attachments\\" + Guid.NewGuid();

string fullPath = newFolderPath + "\\" + fileName;
stream = File.OpenRead(fullPath);

catch (Exception exception)

return null;
OperationContext clientContext = OperationContext.Current;
clientContext.OperationCompleted += (sender, args) =>
if (stream != null)
Directory.Delete(newFolderPath, true);
return stream;

Enjoy Coding…

2 thoughts on “Dispose Returned stream in WCF

  1. Thanks for sharing the info. Better unsubscribe the event handler.Else soon it will lead to memory leak and the server process will be recycled. It will affect the other services hosted in the same web application as well.

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