Ajax Loader using Angularjs

In this article i am focus on How to implement Ajax Loader or busy Indicator using AngularJs
Custom Directive for loader
Angular Directives are markers of a DOM element. Using this you can create your own custom elements,custom events.

More about angular directives

Here i am going to create a custom attribute directive named busyindicator to show a busy loading indicator during Ajax call.

(function () {
"use strict";
angular.module("App").directive("busyindicator", busyIndicator);
function busyIndicator() {
var directive = {
restrict: "A",
link: function ($scope) {
$scope.$on("showBusyIndicator", function () {
$scope.canShow = true;
return $scope.$on("hideBusyIndicator", function () {
$scope.canShow = false;
return directive;

If any http request is in progress , Angular JS will automatically update the anyRequestInProgress property to true on the scope object and once the request complete it will set back to false. In this directive link function i have created a angular watch function whenever if any changes in anyRequestInProgress property it will notify this method.

Apply the busyindicator directive to the html element as an attribute also the visible status property canShow to angularjs ng-show directive to hide and show the div.


//CSS for showing loader image in the center of a screen

display : none;
#loaderdiv.loader {
display : block;
position : fixed;
z-index: 100;
background-image : ‘loader.gif’
-ms-opacity : 0.4;
opacity : 0.4;
background-repeat : no-repeat;
background-position : center;
left : 0;
bottom : 0;
right : 0;
top : 0;

You no need to write any code for show & hide loader element . Our custom directive automatically handle this based on our service request.

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