Create AngularJs Factory using Typescript

module Dashboard {
export class LayoutServiceFactory {
static $inject = ["$q", "$http"];
private q: ng.IQService;
private http: ng.IHttpService;

constructor(private $q: ng.IQService,private $http:ng.IHttpService) {
this.q = $q;
this.http = $http;

getDataFromServer(serviceUrl) {
var deferred = this.q.defer();
this.http.get(serviceUrl, null)
.then(response => {

deferred.resolve((response) as any);

return deferred.promise;
static factory() {
var instance = ($q: ng.IQService, $http: ng.IHttpService) =>
new LayoutServiceFactory($q,$http);
return instance;
appModule.factory("LayoutService", LayoutServiceFactory.factory());

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