How Map and Filter function works in RXJS

In order to understand how Map and Filter works , we can implement our own map function.
Map in Rxjs used for projection, means you can transform the array in to entirely new array. = function(projectionFunction){
var results=[];
this.forEach(function(item) {
return results;

You can see I have written a map function which accepts an anonymous function as a parameter. This will be your function to apply the projection to transform the array. Inside the map function you can see iterating each item in a array , call the project function by passing each item and finally the result of the projection function will push to the results array.

JSON.stringify([1,2,3].map(function(x){return x+1;}))


Filter is used to filter an array based on some condition. You can specify the condition through an anonymous function. The implementation of Filter and Map are almost same only the difference is Map will transform each item in an array and will push to the main array. But the filter will only push to the main array if the condition pass.
var hotelCollection = [
"id": 9999,
"name": "Hotel XXX",
"place": "Wayne",
"rating": 5.0
"id": 8888,
"name": "Hotel YYY",
"place": "WoodCliff Lake",
"rating": 4.5
"id": 7777,
"name": "Hotel ZZZ",
"place": "Franklin Lake",
"rating": 5.0
"id": 6666,
"title": "Hotel PPP",
"place": "Lancester",
"rating": 4.3


var results=[];
this.forEach(element => {
return results;

var collection = hotelCollection.filter(x=>x.rating===5);
Thanks for reading

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