Introduction to Progressive Web Apps

PWA is not a technology or a framework , set of features in web which helps to improve your application progressively. It means if you have a modern browser you will get an awesome user experience else those features just not support it , your application will have existing features remains as it is.

Let’s talk about what all the features we can use to enhance our existing or new web application .

1. You can bring native look and feel of mobile device apps on your web pages. It’s not the responsiveness of web page but you can access the native features such as camera , accessing geo location, push notifications.
2. Offline Capability when your internet connection get lost.
3. Background Synchronization of data
4. Icon on the home screen , you don’t need to install the application from the app store to place it on your home screen.

There are three import things I want to summarize about the progressive web application.

Reliable : Application will load instantly even in a uncertain condition and provide offline functionality through caching.
Fast : Respond quickly as possible based on the user interactions.

Engaging : Feels like a native app on mobile devices.